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23 hospitals and 4 outpatient clinics in Italy, 8 clinics in France, Poland, Albania and Russia. An integrated network of healthcare infrastructure, with centres of excellence for specialist treatment in areas including heart surgery and electrophysiology, orthopaedics, prosthetics, neurosurgery and diabetic foot treatment.
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Trust, quality of care, professionalism and respect for the individual combined with the most advanced technology in comfortable, attractive environments: everything at the service of health and wellbeing.

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Healthcare reference point, where you can come into contact with specialists who are able to offer avant-garde solutions for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. A healthcare network that, with great competence and care, looks to protect health and wellness.

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GVM Care & Research facilities provide services with hospitalisation, in day hospital, in day surgery and on an outpatient basis.

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Cardiac Surgery
Read the tips for prevention and lifestyle suitable for a healthy heart. Write to our doctors for further information. Enter the portal dedicated to heart health.
Dental Unit
Specialised dental care in hospital or health centre: Prevention, treatment and dental aesthetics check-up. Innovative immediate load implantology. Come find out about the division dedicated to your smile.
GVM Point
GVM Points are a network of clinics and polyclinics where it is possible to undergo specialist visits, thanks to a network of doctors ready to respond directly and clearly to the needs and requirements of each patient.
Lung cancer diagnosis
Lung cancer and coronaropathies that can lead to heart attack have common risk factors and often appear together; but today they can also be prevented together. Early diagnosis wins against lung cancer and heart attack.
CME and Training
Through the Training Service, GVM Care & Research aims to encourage the involvement of all staff towards the attainment of business objectives.
Spa and Wellness

Terme di Castrocaro

Over 170 years of activity, 2 million patients treated and 26 million treatments provided, these are Terme di Castrocaro’s great heritage of tradition and experience.

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